It really is all about the story… 

At ROADRUNNER PICTURES,  telling visual stories is what we do and film is our medium.  

Brand films, advocacy films and long and short  form documentary films.  You have a story and we can help you tell it.

There is no more powerful way to convey the essence of your organization, inform your audience, improve your team and inspire meaningful action than through film.

Who We Are

Formerly Trivinity Multimedia, ROADRUNNER PICTURES is built on years of video experience. Founded in 2001 by Jon DaSilva, Trivinity – and now ROADRUNNER – is a full service video production company specializing in brand films, documentaries, and corporate and political video services.

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What We Do

The short answer is that we take you from script to screen in the most cost-effective manner possible — and we do it by leveraging only those resources that are necessary to meet your budget, deadline and persuasive goal.

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Where We’ve Been

With each project we’ve been honing our craft with the goal of being even better the next time out.  So where we’ve been says a lot about where we’re going.

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Why Roadrunner

Our growth has been entirely dependent on word of mouth – which means we’ve only been able to keep growing our business because the people we’ve worked for have been so happy with our work that they have come back time and time again in addition to passing us on to their friends and colleagues.

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Get Started

PUT US TO WORK!  Let’s have a conversation about your goals, your audience and your story.

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