Project Description

One of our specialties is producing content for the web and that is exactly what we’ve done for Howdy Honda multiple times.  Over the last few years, we have produced multiple segments that have been featured on their web site and their Facebook and YouTube pages as well.  To view some of them, visit Howdy Honda on Facebook or YouTube – or of course, visit their website

One of the dozens of projects we’ve done for Howdy is detailed below.


As one of the premiere dealerships in Central Texas, Howdy Honda has a large and constantly growing customer base.  In their efforts to continue to add new ways to provide their customers with services that care for their car long after the sale, Howdy added the area’s only AutoBulter service – but until they could get the word out, their customers didn’t know what they were missing out on.



Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to produce dozens of pieces for Howdy Honda and they didn’t hesitate to turn to us to produce a promotional video they could push out via the web and social media. Trivinity [Roadrunner] worked with Howdy to develop the concept, film and edit the promotional video.


Using this promo video and a shorter ad length and pre-roll versions also produced by Trivinity [Roadrunner], Howdy was able to make car owners across the area aware of the new service and increased sales of the service.