Project Description

When a local up and coming singer and song writer, Faith Jacobs, was ready to make her first music video, we were the first and only call she made.

Speak for Me is an emotional song with deep meaning to it’s creator.  As she wrote, “Speak for Me is a project near and dear to my heart. It is a song that was written over many years and went through many changes. I am so thankful that God gave me the inspiration and led me to very talented friends who would take it and make it what it is today. Through social media, churches, right-to-life groups, and other outlets; I believe this project can positively impact the pro-life movement. My hope is that it will serve as encouragement to those who work hard and sacrifice their time and energy to protect the unborn, while at the same time opening people’s eyes to the sanctity of all life.”

It was important to Faith that we collaborate on the video in a way that blended beautiful images with a song she had poured so much of herself into and protected the integrity of the song’s message.


You can watch the story behind the song below or view the music video in its entirety on Faith’s Facebook page.